Dark Arts of Rationality

[Note: backported from LessWrong] Note: the author now disclaims this post, and asserts that his past self was insufficiently skilled in the art of rationality to "take the good »

Deregulating Distraction, Moving Towards the Goal, and Level Hopping

[Note: backported from LessWrong] This is the third post in a series discussing my recent bout of productivity. Within, I discuss two techniques I use to avoid akrasia and one »

Habitual Productivity

[Note: backported from LessWrong] I was able to maintain high productivity for extended periods of time and achieve some difficult goals. In this and the following posts I will discuss »

The mechanics of my recent productivity

[Note: backported from LessWrong] A decade ago, I decided to save the world. I was fourteen, and the world certainly wasn't going to save itself. I fumbled around for nine »

On learning difficult things

[Note: backported from LessWrong] I have been autodidacting quite a bit lately. You may have seen my reviews of books on the MIRI course list. I've been going for about »